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Quality moving services require some thorough research on the part of the customer, since there are many unreliable moving companies that claim to offer moving services. Moving scams and rogue movers have posed a serious threat. With such high risks, there is need to evaluate not only pricing, but other factors.

Check customer satisfaction ratings and reviews

Reliable moving companies have good track records, with several happy customers that have experienced their services. You can know a moving company is reliable if it has many positive recommendations from past customers.

Realistic moving quotes and valuations

Trustworthy moving companies have realistic moving quotes that don’t raise suspicions to customers. Low pricing in the quotes sometimes reflect low quality services, or maybe the mover plans to raise the price while the goods (properties) are already in transit. Therefore, a moving company should give a customer realistic moving quotes that reflect exact moving cost. For the valuations on the other hand, moving companies should be open to the clients about the movers’ tariffs. The tariff indicates the level of the mover’s liability, and the possible claims that can be raised in case of damage or loss to the client’s property.

Ensure accurate moving estimate prices are provided

Reliable local moving companies will want to conduct a site visit to your place in order to carry out accurate estimate analysis. You need to keep record of the quotes given over the phone call or through the internet. Due to verbal description of your property over the phone, sometimes pricing may change if the company’s experts visit your home to do estimates. Reliable company’s experts will advise you to include everything that will be moved to avoid additional charges afterwards. Dependable moving companies will first consider face-to-face meeting to discuss every detail concerning the move. This is a good opportunity for a customer to ask any question, before making the final decision. Good moving companies will be ready and willing to answer your questions in order to assure confidence in the company.

Choose an experienced company

Moving your valuables to a new home could be costly. It is advisable to patronize a highly experienced local moving company to handle your move. Choosing a company that offers the lowest price can be tempting, but the most important factor to consider is the level of experience. A reliable moving company must have a “brand name” that advertises itself, and is trusted by many people due to a good track record. A poor choice of a moving company can be a very costly mistake.