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You should be able to find free moving boxes just about anywhere; you just have to open your eyes. Using free moving boxes will save you money and reduce negative impact on the environment that will result from buying new boxes. Not every moving box that is available for free will be useful for you. Ensure that these free moving boxes meet your needs and are strong. You need to keep your things in good condition, so boxes used should be in great condition. Below are some places you can look to for free moving boxes:


Craigslist is a great resource for free moving boxes. The web address for Craigslist is You should check out the free section for listings of free moving boxes. It is also recommended to create a post in the Wanted section. People wanting to give away free boxes may choose to contact you after reading your post.


Freecycle is another great resource for free moving boxes in your general vicinity. The web address for Freecycle is Freecycle is made up of people in your local area looking to give away stuff for free or receive free items. You will have to join your neighborhood online Freecycle community. After that, post that you need free moving boxes and wait for responses.

Local Retailers

Your nearby stores are incredible assets for free moving boxes. Simply ask representatives at the retail locations if free boxes are available. A lot of them will be happy to give you the boxes instead of having to destroy them. Stores that usually have sturdy and clean moving boxes sell PCs, office supplies, alcoholic drinks, shoes, and books.

Keep in mind that when you’re done unloading after your move, another person would value these free moving boxes. If you can’t find someone who wants them, you should send them to a recycling station.